Electric Mobility Scooters – What Types of Electric Mobility Scooters You Can Expect to Find

  • October 13, 2020

Electric Mobility Scooters come in a number of different categories and formats. This diversity is great news for buyers as they can key on a scooter that is narrowly tailored to their specific needs. They generally fall into a few categories. These categories tend to divide the market into three different types of scooters: Travel mobility scooters, off road mobility scooters, or regular scooters. These different variations can come in 4 wheel or 3 wheel mobility scooters.

Type #1 Regular Scooters:

These are the kind of scooters most are familiar with as you can see them at your local malls or shopping centers. These can be designed for indoor use only or be equipped for both indoor and outdoor use. They generally travel from anywhere from 6 to 8mph. You will have no difficulty finding 3 wheel mobility scooters or 4 wheel versions.

Type #2 Travel Mobility Scooters:

These scootmobielen btc to be a lighter weight allowing it to be easily moved in and of a car. These scooters are mostly taken on airplanes because of their lightweight and compact size. Many of them can be folded or broken into parts to make it easier for travel. With this lighter size, they do have a smaller motor translating into slower speeds. However, most of these scooters can travel about 3 to 6mph. This speed is a good speed for many people even though other scooter categories will offer faster speeds.

Type #3 Off Road Mobility Scooters:

Off road versions are made to be taken off the beaten path. They tend to have a structured and sturdy base that offers stronger wheels and a more stable scooter.

They are great for taking a beating and keep on humming. People really enjoy these scooters especially if they live where terrain changes suddenly and often.

Each of these scooters will vary in prices with the heavier scooters costing more and lighter ones being the cheapest. Generally speaking, the travel mobility scooters will be the cheapest and the off road mobility scooters will be the most expensive.

However, by keying in on the category that will help you the most, you will have little difficulty finding quality electric mobility scooters.