Best Wireless Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse

  • November 12, 2019

The computer mouse has evolved a lot in recent years. Indeed, it comes in different models today, ranging from an ergonomic wireless mouse to a gamer mouse.

To choose your future mouse, it is important to consider some criteria. Saim deals guide is pleased to offer you its selection of the best wireless mouse on the market as well as its advice and opinion to find the ideal model.

What is a wireless mouse?

As the name suggests, a wireless mouse is a particularly ergonomic mouse that does not have a wire. It is indeed a device incorporating rechargeable batteries or batteries that uses either Bluetooth technology or radio waves.

The hardware is in most cases linked to the computer via a small receiver called dongle that is connected to one of the USB ports. There are two types of wireless mouse, namely the laser model and the optical mouse.

The best wireless mouse

The best value for money: Philips Optical Wireless Mouse
Here is a flat wireless mouse dedicated to those who are looking for a model with the best value for money. Compatible with PC, laptop, and MacBook, it offers high definition optical tracking for precise and smooth control. Also, this device impresses with its slim ergonomic design and smooth surface with an anti-fingerprint finish for optimum comfort.

Wireless mouse Inphic Slim

This is the ideal model if you are looking for a wireless mouse for mac and laptop at a low price. A convenient device with a battery life of up to 500 hours that you can easily charge via a micro USB cable. This model is also characterized by its ergonomics, including its slim and symmetrical design and silent clicks.

Logitech wireless mouse

This is a quiet wireless mouse that will dazzle you as much for the convenience of use as for its features. It allows you to scroll quickly with its ultra-precise wheel and browse web pages vertically and horizontally thanks to its two buttons operated by the thumb. Also, know that it can run continuously for 24 months with a single AA battery.

The main advantage of a wireless mouse is its ergonomics. This allows indeed great freedom of movement since the user is in no way hindered by a wire.

A very handy device that works by Bluetooth technology or no radio waves.

The wireless mouse is ideal for those who use large screens because the range can reach several meters depending on the model.

To be faster at the computer

The other advantage of the wireless mouse is that you can work faster. A perfect device for the office not only because it is ergonomic, but also thanks to the fact that it offers a transmission of data without delay or loss and allows a fast scrolling by an ultra-precise roulette. In addition, wireless mouse lasers are usable on all types of surfaces, whether it is matte, glossy, smooth, uniform or multicolored.


This is the first criterion to consider when buying a mouse. Know that technology determines the sensitivity, accuracy, and speed of the device. A wireless mouse is characterized by DPI (Dots Per Inch) or PPP (dots per inch) defining the number of information constituting a one-inch line.

The principle is quite simple. The higher the number of DPIs, the faster the cursor will move with less movement of the mouse. For example, a 1000 DPI model is less sensitive than a 1600 DPI model.

Only this does not mean that a material with a higher DPI will always be better. It all depends on the use. If a high-DPI mouse is perfect for video games, a low DPI accessory that’s easier to master is better for office use.

The customizable buttons

Your choice should also be influenced by the buttons. While some mouse have 3 buttons, others have 5 to more than 15 buttons. Again, we must choose according to the use.

A device with 3 buttons, the 2 left-right buttons and the wheel are sufficient for office. You can, however, opt for a model equipped with two side buttons very convenient for surfing the internet.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a wireless gamer mouse, it is better to turn to an accessory equipped with additional programmable buttons. This type of mouse, for example, often have buttons for accelerating the device without accessing the control panel.

Which wireless gamer mouse to choose?

The principle is almost the same as choosing an office device. To find the ideal wireless gamer, it is essential to consider the ergonomics, the number of buttons, features, sensor performance and latency. This type of device is particularly accurate and sensitive with at least 7 buttons and up to 12,000 DPI or more.

This one must offer an optimal comfort of use with a design that marries perfectly the morphology of your hand so that you can play in the best conditions. The autonomy is between 50 and 500 hours depending on the options activated. It should be noted that the price of a quality gamer mouse generally varies between 70 to more than 150 euros. The most famous brands are Logitech, Razer, Roccat, Corsair, and Steel Series.