Fix the QuickBooks Error 179

  • November 15, 2019

QuickBooks is fantastic at speeding up the various accounting processes that business owners have to cater to their respective organizations. Depending on various situations, enterprise owners may be stuck with problems such as QuickBooks Error 179. It does not depend on what they choose between the available QB versions for the desktop and online versions.


Even after all the features and functionalities, QuickBooks has to offer, you cannot take advantage of some or any of them until you get rid of this problem. Being a technical problem, it can happen for more than one reason and you have to determine which one is most likely to happen in your case.

In addition to QuickBooks Error 179, you may encounter another error, which is similar in its origin, but QuickBooks Error 9999 is mentioned in the dialog box. You can get in touch with our QuickBooks Online Support team to get a fast solution on this topic.

The main reason for QuickBooks error 179

This particular issue comes at the time of entering the banking site through your QB application. This prevents the user from downloading the required data from another site, which in the meantime keeps you stuck on your banking site.

Given below are the main reasons why the user ends up with this error, so take a look and find out which of these is responsible for preventing you from completing your tasks-

  • Irregularities and errors in reports, receipts or bills that show negative numbers
  • Missing list to name a few
  • When the Payment to Deposit window displays the payments actually deposited
  • Lost without any transaction
  • If you have run a checkup on your data to ensure that the company file in your QB application is free of errors
  • One or more fatal errors in your QuickBooks desktop
  • If the balance sheet reports are unable to display all current accounts

Ways to fix QuickBooks error 179

The following is a discussion of various solutions through which you can rectify this error and resume your work without any problem-

Solution 1:

  1. If there are many users with the same sign-in information, sign out of all of them, including your own browser. Even if you don’t sign in, there must be someone else on your team, so ask them to sign out immediately.
  2. Once all users (including yourself) have signed out, try signing in again.


Solution 2:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer and click the button that looks like three dots in a vertical line.
  2. Bring the cursor over the More Tools option and choose “Clear Browsing Data”.
  3. You have the option to choose the amount of data to erase from your browser from the entire data history, cached content, passwords, and some links and form information for cookies.
  4. If you do not want to delete the entire history, select the time period and the items you want to delete from the Deadline drop-down menu.
  5. After you are ready with your selection, click Clear Data.


Solution 3:

  • In your QuickBooks software,
  • Go to the Tools menu and then click on the Online Center.
  • Select the bank / financial institution that you want to update by clicking on the drop-down list.
  • Press and hold CTRL + F3. Next, click on the contact information at the top.
  • You have to click on Refresh and then select the bank / financial institution you wish to modify, especially if its current status reads as “Needs”.
  • Click OK, then update/send. If asked, enter the password and select Update Now.
  • Follow steps 3-5 again to update any other accounts you may need.
  • If the problem persists, you can contact the QuickBooks Support Team


Solution 4:

  • Choose Start on your Windows taskbar and type “command” in the search panel.
  • Before pressing Enter, press Ctrl + Shift. When prompted, go ahead and select the Yes option.
  • Type “Regedit” in the black window that appears and press Enter.
  • Registry Director will open where you have to select error 179.
  • Go to the File menu in your QB software and select Export.
  • Choose the folder where you need to save the backup key.
  • Type an appropriate name for your backup file with the .reg extension and save it.
  • Your backup file is ready – check this file for QuickBooks error 179 by opening it.



In this blog, I tell you how to fix your error 179 when you face in QuickBooks.I provide you the solution to this error and you have one more option you can connect with our QuickBooks Support team to get Support.