Do you Need Both Router and a Modem

Do you Need Both Router and a Modem?

  • November 12, 2019

The terms we often get to hear, whenever we are talking about internet connection, are, “modem” and “router”. As a layman, we can at best understand that they are devices that are used to establish an internet connection, and might even guess them having some technical differences, while many take them as terms synonymous to each other. if you still aren’t that clear about what exactly both these two terms actually mean, then this article can surely help you.

To gather the most authentic knowledge on the same, we asked a telecommunication expert of Bravo Telecom internet provider in Montreal. He explained that a router is used to create a network between all the communication devices sharing the internet, while the modem is used to further connecting that network with the devices. Hence, when a device is connected to the Wi-Fi, they are first being connected to your router, which thereafter forwards the connection between the internet with the computer or other device.

The Function of a Router

A router is used for connecting multiple networks and from there routes the network traffic among all the devices that use the same connection. Many of the latest routers come with built-in switches that allows to connect multiple devices both wired wireless to the Wi-Fi.

In other words, the router bridges the Internet connection to the local network, while offering some protection to the devices from the risks of being directly exposed to the Internet. The router also helps in keeping a track of the traffic that travels from the remote device to the network and the vice versa.

But a router alone is not enough to connect you directly to the Internet. It needs to be plugged into a device that will be able to transmit the digital traffic over the kind of Internet connection you are subscribed to. And this device is the Modem.

The Role of a Modem

The modem acts like a bridge between the local network and the Internet. Earlier it was known as a modulator-demodulator and were used for modulating the signals on the telephone lines to encode and transmit the digital information and then for decoding them at the other end. But the modern internet technologies like cable and satellite now have transformed the concept of “modem” altogether.

In the current scenario a modem is used to connect your devices to the network depending upon the type of connection availed. The modern day modem scan be plugged into any type of infrastructure like telephone, cable, satellite, or fiber. On the other end it provides you with the standard Ethernet cable output enabling it to be plugged into any router to establish an Internet connection.

The Current Scenario

Today, with the advancements in telecom industry many internet providers choose to manufacture combined modem/router unit to enable both the functionalities in one device, to bring down the cost and cluster of devices.

Since the modem communicates with your Internet service provider, you’ll need the correct type of modem that will work with your ISP’s infrastructure.